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The Early Childhood Colorado Partnership (ECCP) has leveraged The Raising of America documentary series as a tool to maximize shared efforts to ensure Colorado children are valued, healthy and thriving. Much of this activity took place between 2014-2016, and contributed to Colorado being highlighted in a case study developed by California Newsreel, the production company for The Raising of America.

The Partnership has developed the enclosed toolkit of resources that is intended to support partners as they continue to host various conversations and screenings across Colorado around The Raising of America documentary series.

The Partnership has DVD copies of the The Raising of America documentary series available to lend to partners for screenings. For information on borrowing a DVD for your organization, email

Resource Description
The Raising of America Mini-Grant Report (2015) This report includes highlights of successes, barriers, and recommendations for the Partnership and other partners promoting The Raising of America documentary series.
Short Clip Guide Interested in showing a clip or short version of one of The Raising of America episodes? Use this handy clip guide to identify what clips best fit your needs.
Promotional Materials from CA Newsreel The production company for the The Raising of America documentary series, CA Newsreel, has developed promotional materials for use by partners hosting screenings, including fact sheets, logos, and images.
“Are We Crazy” Digital Toolkit Rocky Mountain PBS “Are We Crazy About Our Kids” Digital Toolkit
Resource Description
National and Colorado Data
Raising of America Facilitation and Discussion Guide for Public Health Professionals Supported by multiple public health partners in Colorado
Raising of America Sample Event Program Partners in Weld County hosted a screening in 2014 which included a robust program with data and resources in that community.
Raising of America Taking Action Post Card This pledge postcard was used at Denver’s Early Learning and Health Institute (DELHI) in 2014. (to download the file, click the link, then click “view original” at the top of the box)
EPIC “Early Childhood Talk to Business” note cards Business-sized fold-out cards developed by Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC). You may print via the link attached or contact for copies.
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