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Main Message:

  • Building a healthy human brain is a process that begins before we are born and continues until a person reaches their mid-20s.
  • We all have mental health – even babies and very young children. As parents and caregivers, we play a critical role in supporting our children’s mental health.

Supporting Messages:

  • In the same way that we nurture children’s physical health, we must also nurture their mental health.
  • Children develop a strong foundation for mental health when they have safe, nurturing and educational experiences, as well as loving and consistent relationships with adults.
  • Strong mental health early in life sets children up to have healthy relationships with others and to succeed in school and in life.

    Children’s mental health is interconnected with their physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. Healthy development in each of these areas gives children a foundation for lifelong well-being.

    If you have concerns or would like to speak to someone about your child’s development, there are a wide variety of resources in our community to support you.

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